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"Creating educational opportunities that can change lives"

Back in 1994, when Approach’s founder  and current executive director Michelle Fernandes learned students would refer to the school as their second home, she realized that beyond creating quality affordable educational opportunities for immigrants, Approach was also becoming an important step in changing the future of its students. "Our goal was to approach the local immigrant community, and to be able to demonstrate the value of learning how to use computers, communicate in the English language and understand American culture as the very first steps in broadening their horizons while in the US." 

The specialized ESL program for international students was created later in 1995. Along the way, Approach’s reputation steadily grew not only throughout the immigrant community but also among educators, college and university administrators, and international students. After attending our classes, a great percentage of our students further their education by attending colleges and universities, and many have been admitted to top 10 American undergraduate and graduate programs.  We pride ourselves on having changed the lives of more than 5,000 students over the last 16 years, and we love to see so many of our students achieving goals beyond their dreams.

"The mission of Approach International Student Center is to provide high- quality, flexible and affordable English and test preparation programs to students from all over the world."


Our goals are to ensure that all of our students acquire the desired English language ability level they need in order to be successful in their academic, professional and personal lives, and that they receive tailored educational advising while enjoying an enriching cultural experience within the best academic environment.  The success of our mission is measured by the consistent achievement of the following objectives:


  • Offer effective and comprehensive English programs tailored to our students’ needs providing instruction through a variety of skills, content areas and levels;
  •  Leverage the most current and effective methodologies and materials available to support our curriculum and student learning outcomes;
  • Accommodate a wide range of learning and teaching styles;
  • Offer open enrollment courses and a flexible class schedule;
  • Ensure that our tuition prices are reasonable and affordable to most students worldwide;
  • Provide students with initial academic, cultural and immigration orientations, and give them responsive, helpful and informed support at all times;
  • Maintain educational partnerships and affiliations with colleges, universities and local businesses;
  • Offer a wide variety of support services including housing, cultural activities, to foster international students’ adjustment to and competence in participating in American life.
  • Grant students and staff member access to decision-making, promoting effective communication throughout the entire organization.
  • Exhibit integrity, professionalism and respect for our students in all aspects;


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