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Your Support Team at Approach

Michelle Fernandes - Executive Director

My goal is to make sure our students are always confident and happy about their choice to study at Approach!!!  We live by our mission statement and aim to provide high-quality, flexible and affordable English and test preparation programs to students from all over the world exceeding our students expectations. Our goals are to ensure that all of our students acquire the desired English language ability level they need in order to be successful in their academic, professional and personal lives, and that they receive tailored educational advising while enjoying an enriching cultural experience within the best academic environment.  

We work every day to help our students achieve their educational goals and further pursue their dreams. If you feel we are failing in maintaining this statement at any given time, e-mail me at Mfernandes@approachusa.com or simply come in to the office.



Paulo Silva - Admission & Student Affairs

I am a current student at APPROACH and I am thrilled to be working in the office and helping students. I started as an administrative assistant and worked my way up to recently move up to the Admissions and Student affairs position. My responsibilities include giving information about our programs and services, helping you with the application process, registration, schedule and making sure once you start classes you are getting acquainted with the school and with other students. I’m an advanced ESL student and speak Portuguese. My email is psilva@approachusa.com.



Tammie Key - Principal Designated School Official, PDSO

I am responsible for advising our international students on all F1 (student visa) issues. Twice per month I host orientation sessions for new and current students to explain the rights and responsibilities of F1 students. I also help students with immigration forms and questions regarding maintaining or changing their immigration status. Whenever you have questions about your I-20, visa, or immigration regulations, come to speak with me. Make sure to tell me your plans before you finish your studies at Approach so that I can ensure your SEVIS record is properly updated. Questions? Concerns? Email me at tkey@approachusa.com or schedule an appointment at the main office.



Julia Mateus - Housing and Agents Coordinator

I help students to get settled in Boston. If you have questions about housing, activities, where to go and what to do, come talk to me.  I am also responsible to communicate with agents abroad.  I am a student at Approach and I walk in your shoes, so don’t hesitate to come to me with any problems you may have. You can contact me at jmateus@approachusa.com.


Jackie Carleen - Financial Manager

Although born and raised in Boston, I recently obtained a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of South Carolina.  A few of my responsibilities include monitoring and verifying accounting information for accounts payable and receivable to ensure quality for our students.  My door is always open and I am happy to help with any financial questions you may have!  Please feel free to either stop by the office or e-mail me at accounting@approachusa.com.


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