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F1 Visa

It is extremely important for international students to maintain their immigration status while
in the United States.

Failure to maintain the terms and conditions of the F-1 status may be grounds for removal from the United States and may cause difficulty reentering the U.S. in the future. While the following list of rules is incomplete, we have listed the most important rules for Approach students below:

A more comprehensive list can be found on the immigration website at:
http://www.uscis.gov under laws and regulations, 8CRF.214.f  


General Information

  • 1. Register for classes within 30 days of the course starting date on your I-20;
  • 2. Maintain your registration as a full-time student every month;
  • 3. Keep your passport valid at all times;
  • 4. Extend your I-20 form before the expiration date;
  • 5. Do NOT work off-campus without authorization from the ISA;
  • 6. Request an I-20 Travel Signature before leaving the U.S
  • 7. Attend classes 20 hours per week;
  • 8. Make normal progress towards completing the course of study
    (1 General ESL Level every 90 hours of study)
  • 9. Inform us if you change your address or phone number and report
    a change of address at WEBSIS within 10 days
  • 10. File taxes by April 15th;
  • 11. Maintain a current health insurance plan;
  • 12. Do not take any unauthorized vacation
  • 13. Sign the Exit Form and meet with the International Student Advisor
    before withdrawing;
  • 14. Sign the withdrawal form before you stop coming to classes;
  • 15. Follow transfer and change of educational levels procedures.
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