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Additional Services and Benefits

Student ID, Official Certificates and Transcripts

After completing your English course at APPROACH with satisfactory attendance and performance, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and a Transcript which states the course you participated in and the level you attained. Any honors achieved will be noted on your official APPROACH transcript. Every student at Approach receives a Student Identification Card.

Multimedia Labs

Students at Approach supplement their classroom experiences with exercises in our multimedia labs. Our labs, which include audio, video, and computer components, give students the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology in second language acquisition. Specialized grammar, listening, pronunciation, and vocabulary enhancement lessons are designed to accelerate the learning process.

Access to Internet and E-mail APPROACH understands that you need to stay in touch with family and friends around the globe. Free Internet access is available in our computer lab for research or e-mail communication.

Institutional TOEFL ®

The Institutional TOEFL® is a multiple choice, paper-based test used to measure an individual's ability to understand English. Although Institutional TOEFL® scores cannot be officially submitted to schools, one of the advantages of the Institutional TOEFL® is it is less expensive and less intimidating to individuals prior to taking the TOEFL® test. The answer sheets are scored by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton , NJ . Test takers can expect to receive score results approximately two weeks after the answer sheets are received by the ETS®. Approach offers the Institutional TOEFL® several times per year.

University Conditional Acceptance and University Classes

Students applying to Approach are automatically accepted into Mass Bay Community College to pursue a certificate or associate degree upon completion of our English program. Approach also holds a special admissions relationship for our graduates with Lesley University, the MFA - Museum of Fine Arts, Pine Manor College, and Simmons College, among other colleges and universities.

University Classes
Advanced students are welcome to attend courses at Harvard University, Boston University, Mass Bay Community College and Northeastern University, among others. This is an opportunity to experience American university life while improving your English and making new friends.

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