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Our Faculty: A Qualified Team of Passionate Professionals

Brian J. Smith – Assistant Director and ESL Specialist

A native New Englander and proud NU alum, Brian began his teaching career in Japan where he taught English for five and a half years at companies like Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Honda, and Nippon Steel. There he also created an English language service for small companies. He began teaching at Approach in 1998 as an ESL instructor, and in 2001 he became one of the core instructors of the Teacher Training Program. He has taught a writing class at Mass Bay Community College since 2000, and organized a soccer program for international students in Boston.

English, “broken” Portuguese, Katakana and Hiragana literate

Interests and hobbies: 
The great crooners, Standards, Oldies, Film Noir & classic movies, local college sports, woodcraft painting, his cows, and the eternal search for the perfect cup of tea.


Michael Hnatko – ESL Specialist

Actively sought out by students for all kinds of academic questions, Michael has an enviable educational background, having completed his BA in Comparative Literature at Brown University and his MA in TESOL at Columbia University. Michael has lived in various countries such as Japan, Korea, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, France and Italy throughout his career. He joined Approach’s faculty in 2006 and became the TOEFL Program teacher in 2009.

English, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, and Arabic

Interests and hobbies:
Film and literary criticism, long distance
running, and his dog.


Stefanie Morejon – ESL Specialist and Activities Coordinator

Stefanie is a Cuban American from Miami, Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Literature and Linguistics from Boston College. She completed her TEFL training in Prague, Czech Republic and has spent time studying language and culture in Lugano and Montreux Switzerland. She has an inexhaustible urge to travel and has been to 15 countries so far. In the next year, she will begin studying towards her PhD in Linguistics with a focus on sociolinguistics and language acquisition.Stefanie believes there is no better way to understand foreign cultures than to understand the ways in which people choose to express themselves. She teaches language as a means of not only sharing her experience with students, but of learning as much as she can about another's experience.

Spanish, English, French, Italian. Current studying Egyptian Arabic

Interests and hobbies:
Literature, film, music, mythology, art, and African drumming.


Linda Hasenfus – ESL Specialist

Linda was born and raised in the Boston area.  She studied English and French at Wells College in New York state, spending a semester abroad in Paris.  After raising her two children, she earned her masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Language at Simmons College.  She enjoys helping her students build a solid foundation as they learn this crazy English language.  When she's not teaching, she loves spending time with her two-year-old grandson or playing a few sets of competitive tennis.

English, French

Interests and hobbies:
Tennis, traveling, wine-tasting, reading and writing.


Huayra Hnakto – ESL Specialist

Huayra has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in French Language and English Literature from Suffolk University in Boston and her certification to teach ESL from Oxford. She was born and raised in Japan, studied in Turkey and France and enjoys traveling. She has been teaching for 3 years and is eager and excited to continue exploring the field alongside all the great teachers at Approach.

Japanese, Turkish, French and Spanish

Interests and hobbies:
Travel, literature, music and enjoying everyday.


Luciana Sarra – ESL Coach

If you ever doubt your ability to master another language, then let Luciana be your inspiration. Luciana began her ESL teaching career as an EFL instructor in São Paulo, Brazil. In 1999 she came to Boston where she began her studies towards her ESL teaching certification and completed research identifying the correlation between culture shock and language learning. Having mastered the language, interest in teaching led her to hone her expertise through courses taken at the Harvard Extension School, in Cambridge, and Massachusetts Bay Community College, in Wellesley. Luciana likes working with beginner students and encourages them to make the most of their stay in Boston. Her students enjoy her methodical and organized teaching style, in addition to her friendliness and accessibility. Luciana has been an ESL instructor at Approach since 2001.

English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Interests and hobbies:
Spain, Flamenco dancing, Feng shui, and playing with her pet ferret.


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