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Words from our students...

Tetsushi Ogawa

"Since I started at Approach, I have improved
my TOEFL score a lot. Teachers and staff are
very friendly and that was helpful. Also, the
school's activities gave me a great opportunity
to practice my English."

Hernando Rodrigues Romero

"The time I spent at Approach was very nice.
Everyone gave me plenty of attention. I learned
a lot, even about a different country and culture."

Anmar D'Icarahy

"I love to study at Approach because I am
making lots of new friends and learning about
a new culture while studying English. I love
my teachers and if I could, I would stay here

Larys Jopeck

"I have been studying at Approach for
six months and it has been the best time
of my life! Teachers and staff are very friendly
and professional. If you don't speak English
or need a little help, you should visit our
school. It is the best place to study English
in Boston."

Caroline Lopes

"At Approach, I learned English in a fun
and different way. Teachers worked on my
needs and I really appreciated their attention.
Next semester I will be able to start College.
I thank you all at Approach. Without your
help I would not have achieved my goals."

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