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How to apply

As a student, you need to do homework and as a savvy consumer…you also need to do homework! You need to research which English programs will give you the most quality and support for your money. Approach prides itself in offering an excellent education at affordable prices and a variety of options and choices for students. We are aware that you want the best, but at a reasonable price. We are sure that you will be impressed with what Approach offers:  a flexible schedule where you decide how to best distribute your hours, open enrollment, so that you decide when you will begin your studies, interesting and diverse courses that improve your skills, and a lively and fun-filled student calendar packed with school-sponsored activities to keep you busy socially, as well as academically. Time spent at Approach is an excellent investment in your future! 


Transfer Students

If you are interested in obtaining information about transferring to Approach from another school, you can start your application process here and just submit the document on our checklist.

  • Completed application

  • Copy of all previous I-20s

  • Copy of passport and visa

Bank statement  In general, an F-1 transfer to a new school when the student demonstrates that she or he:

  • Is studying full time and has the intention of continuing

  • a full-time course of study

  • Has all the documents required and shows financial 

  • resources to support studies in the USA

  • Maintains a clear academic objective

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